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Crystal, the world leader in water feature technology with offices in the Middle East and throughout the world, has helped create an innovative “Smart” fountain at the newly regenerated Washington Park in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. The water feature is the first in the world where the public can make the fountain “dance” by selecting the music.   
The Musical Water Feature Automation System spontaneously transforms any audio directed to it into self-choreographing musical fountains. Using their mobile devices, visitors to the park can select music for the water feature to dance to, which can be heard on the park’s public speakers.
Washington Park recently reopened following an extensive regeneration project for the surrounding neighbourhood, which saw the park expand from six to eight acres, with the 7,000 sq ft interactive smart fountain at its heart. Using over 130 of Crystal’s sequencing ChoreoSwitch devices, Washington Park opened to great fanfare on July 6, 2012.
Paul L’Heureux, director of Crystal commented: “This is a truly ground-breaking water feature, and we’re expecting to see many more “Smart” fountains at commercial venues from now on. It demonstrates that modern water features aren’t just to look at but can take public engagement to the next level. They are pioneering entertainment devices that can interact with people, creating experiences that make destinations memorable. This was a significant public space regeneration project for Cincinnati and I am pleased Crystal could play a part.”
Interactive Experience
The park now contains one zone named the “Walk of Fame” experience, which combines classical music, arts education and the interactive Smart fountain. Located right outside the steps of Cincinnati’s famed Music Hall, the Walk of Fame is the only project of its kind in the world and promises to become a tourist destination for the region. The Walk of Fame experience begins with pavement stones engraved with names of Hall of Fame inductees – similar to the Hollywood Stars! But the Walk of Fame is about learning, fun, and classical music, so it doesn’t stop there.
Mobile devices can be used in the park to learn about Hall of Fame inductees by reading bios, seeing pictures, listening to educational audio tours, and by playing music through an interactive mobile jukebox which broadcasts music through the park speaker system. In addition to making the fountain dance, visitors can also use their mobile devices to request short musical excerpts, which can be listened to privately or be heard in eight zones throughout the park via its public speakers. 
Washington Park is 150 years old and is located in the centre of Cincinnati. The recently completed regeneration project lasted almost two years.

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