Jay Cooper Whos Who January 2013

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Jay Cooper

Jay Cooper
Why did you decide to take Landscape Architecture? 
I wanted to be an architect at age 6, so my grandfather introduced me to an architect who influenced me to consider landscape architecture.  As a teenager I thoroughly enjoyed working for landscape construction and maintenance companies. Finally, in my junior year of high school my parents arranged a tour of the landscape program at the University of Georgia which helped me decide that I wanted to pursue a degree in landscape architecture.
What inspired you to become a Landscape architect? 
I am inspired by landscape architecture because I believe that it combines art, architecture and landscape very well. The profession has endless opportunities. It also does blends architecture, planning and urban design.
What has been your experience working in this field in the Middle East? Please differentiate Middle East to the other countries have you been worked before. 
My experiences in the Middle East have been diverse and rewarding. I’ve been fortunate to work on many project types from residential and hospitality to recreation and infrastructure; in-fill projects to master planned developments. The Middle East experience is more special to me than experiences I’ve had in other countries because the Middle East has such a rich and long heritage dating back to the beginnings of human civilization and religion. The Middle East environment changes dramatically from the coast to gravel plains and more so in the mountains. The climate can be very harsh in the late spring, summer and autumn, but very inviting and pleasurable in the late fall, winter and early spring. Most of all the region is open to countless development opportunities with exciting design challenges and great business aspirations from developers unlike what I’ve experienced in regions of the world.
Which project has you been most proud throughout your career and why?
I’m most proud of His Highness Sheikh Khalifa Expressway landscape on Saadiyat
What is your dream project? 
My dream project would be designing and overseeing construction of a palace landscape for a Royal GCC family.
What advise can you give to the aspiring landscape architect?
I advise aspiring landscape architects to dedicate themselves to learning their materials and methods, hone their creative and artistic skills, and prepare themselves to constantly learn from their clients, projects and team members.
Any professional quotes/sayings/or motto in life?
I believe in tailoring each design through good collaboration that meets or exceeds stakeholders expectations, on-time and on or under budget.

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