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Women in Landscape


Monika Kamenecki




What inspired you to become a landscape architect?
I have always been fond of contemplating & visualizing creativity around me since childhood. As Confucius said, "Love your job and you will never have to work a day in your life". So I decided, what better field, to explore my creativity & exploit my love for nature than Landscape architecture. This is a highly creative profession & my strong passion for nature, keeps me inspiring to tactfully incorporate beauty of nature to raise our living standards.
When did RAJ Landscaping first set up the business? 
Raj Landscaping was first set up in March 2009.
What is your design philosophy?
My design philosophy is derived from having a distinctive approach of implementing a landscape that responds to the environment, its history, and the architectural structures it confines and at the same time, meets the needs of its owners. 
been of installation of green walls. Although, our team is well versed in vertical landscaping, we had a very narrow time frame to complete it. 
What is your dream project?
My dream project would be designing the interior & exterior landscape for a grand palace where I can have no limitation for my imagination.
As a women in a male dominated profession, what has been your experience working in this field in the Middle East?
Many women prefer not to venture into this field due to its high demand for successfully coordinating with various agencies, being on site at any hour despite harsh climatic conditions & meeting up with time frames. Having said that, I have always received enormous respect as a working women in the Middle East. It is a wonderful and a welcoming place to work for any aspiring talent. 
How do you cope with having so many projects going on at once?
Efficient management & a very cooperative & skilled team really eases my job & thereby our clients remain happy & satisfied with our quality & time management.
What advise can you give to other women aspiring to become a landscape architect?
I personally believe women have great aesthetic & artistic sagacity. They are more successful in adding a softer touch to an element with a high sense of understanding. So I would advice women to come forward & pursue this profession if you have a passion for it. My guidance to all aspiring women Landscape architects is to always believe in yourselves. Remain strong, never give up. Keep proceeding with dedication & hard work, and you will certainly overcome all the challenges in your way and achieve much more than you have dreamt of. 
How do you view RAJ Landscaping position in the current markets?
Raj Landscaping is a firm that is growing at a rapid pace & has already built a strong reputation in the market. We cater to all the three aspects of landscaping- Design, Implementation & Maintenance. That is our key factor, as it eases our client's major concerns of involving different companies within a single project. We will be shortly declaring our involvement in some of the very reputable projects in Bahrain and Kuwait.

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